Our history

When we started in 2009 we had no idea of where this journey would take us – no fancy business plans or marketing strategy it was more about fulfilling existing customer needs. Sounds like a cliché I know but that is how it was, really! We were operating in the world of high-end ladies’ and bridalwear and constantly being asked if we could ‘do’ the suits for weddings. So, one evening Stephanie (the wife!) and I sat down with two large glasses and with ink on the back of an envelope our menswear business was born.

From the very beginning we wanted to take a traditional looking wedding suit and make it a bit trendier than it was. There certainly was the passion to get a ‘better fit’ than the boxy fit suits you would typically see at a wedding that nobody really enjoyed wearing. Initially working above the ladieswear we started with a range of formal hire wear and before we knew it guys were wearing our suits by 2010, but as usual we wanted keep pushing and offering our customers more. After relentlessly scouring the suit manufacturing market and only offering, at that time, brought in hire wear and a beer bar we took the plunge to our own stock holding, a huge investment that took us to the next level. Soon we were busting at the seams in our little shop, but still learning.

Two years on we rebranded to Joshua Adams Menswear and moved into a dedicated store, back then we thought it was amazing. It was from here that the real journey of menswear retailing began, our focus was still suiting. With more fire in our bellies then ever and hundreds of suits under our belts it was time for the next big step. In 2017, we were on the move again only this time to premises that would house our forever growing stock level. This also enabled us to grow the labels we stock and build an even better and bigger shopping experience.

Today we are still strong in suiting, notably for weddings and other occasions where a dapper suit is the order of the day. Having expanded on our smart casual and everyday casual clothing, we all as a team, work hard and as a result our brand is going from strength to strength. The one thing so far retailing has taught us is that we are still learning and, our foundations of outstanding customer service together with being on trend without breaking the bank runs through our veins. We hope you are inspired browsing through our collections for your next online purchase or maybe we can see you in store soon. Whichever your shopping preference we welcome you to be part of our journey.

Regards Ray.